Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Those who support BLM are mostly good people. However, society has ways of naturally balancing itself to maintain its integrity. One of the ways to make this balancing process go badly wrong, is to force the pendulum to go too far to either side of it’s natural equilibrium. Because when that happens, the gently swinging pendulum becomes a wrecking-ball.

Of course life can be improved further for black people, but it’s not a simple matter. Read up on Martin Luther King and Thomas Sowell (instead of Patrisse Cullors) and make your own mind up as to which ideas you should be advocating for.

Take note of the history books that your children’s teachers are using in their classrooms. Not all history is accurate, but if it needs to be changed, then it needs to be changed by careful consideration and by majority opinion… not by the coolest or loudest people in the room.



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By WokeyLeaks (Zhe Zher)

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One thought on “Do the advocates of BLM know what they’re advocating for?”
  1. Very early in the protests, there were many videos showing Black People trying to stop white rioters. Those videos dried up quickly. Those very people claimed peaceful Black protests were being infiltrated, specifically, to lay the blame on black people. I got the same impression.

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