Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

The folks at GBNewsXTRA had their Twitter account suspended last week. We’ve taken the opportunity to create a new website in their memory. is where we’ve put our new Twitter App.

The App will automatically follow all of the legendary GBNews presenters for you in pretty much one click. Do yourself and your fellow grown-ups a favour, spread the news far and wide!

Zhe Zher



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By WokeyLeaks (Zhe Zher)

We are I am Zhe Zher. I am the sensitive soul running our website. Send us your harrowing stories of Wokeness and Leak your wokey-files on our secure website Courteous Disambiguation: I am not the "They/Them" character (a supposed "liberal elite celebrity insider") created by The Spectator U.S. Neither nor Zhe Zher have any affiliation with The Specator U.S. or the Spectator U.K.

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