Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

We’ve just discovered there’s a company called “Purpose“, who’s mission, it seems, is to actively spam the Web with ‘verified’ information about causes they’ve been paid to care about. Recently they claim they’ve reached 1 billion people with their current Covid campaign. Their associated tweet (pictured above) has 3 retweets and 1 like. Go figure.

We’re not saying that this company Purpose are full of shit, but, they’re full of shit. It’s good to be aware that the ‘campaigns’ we read about on Social Media, while they seem to originate from genuine grass-roots belief systems, often originate from just the opposite. Often it’s just thoughtless spewing of nonsense by weak-minded individuals who’ve been enticed by large (woke) companies with deep pockets.

It goes even further. Not only do we see corporate collaboration, we also see leakage (inevitably) into Politics. You see, Purpose has teamed up with the United Nations to spread the ‘verified’ version of the Covid facts.

What, no other facts matter? To entertain youself momentarily, do a search on Twitter for the ‘verified’ campaign hashtag #PledgeToPause. You’ll notice that only corporate bodies and polities are tweeting it.

We need influencers to have more integrity in their dealings with ‘sponsors’. If you’re getting paid to support a campaign, let people know. Remember that if your cause is worthy, people will support it whether you’re getting paid (directly or indirectly) or not. Don’t be a shill.

Peace and Love always,

Zhe Zher



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By WokeyLeaks (Zhe Zher)

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