Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
Woke Street Signs

Birmingham City Council proposed some new ‘woke’ street names. How about a nice commune on “Equality Road” or a house made from natural salt, in “Diversity Grove”? The woke nonsense is understandable in the Private sector, where employees must smile and wave while management introduce ludicrous new woke rules. But overflow of the ideology into Public sector should not be tolerated (unless of course a town or city democratically requests it via voting). Maybe we’re being paranoid, let us know.



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By WokeyLeaks (Zhe Zher)

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2 thoughts on “Living on Woke Road”
  1. Embarrassing. I’d sooner see them named after the slavers of the day whose money went towards advancing us out of those days and into the days where idiots are free to start initiatives like this.

  2. Were prizes awarded for the winning submissions?
    3rd Prize: A Gross (144 count) of covid anal swab tests, easy to use at home.
    2nd Prize: One 6 month supply of freeze-dried dinner roaches. Just add water. Choose Mediterranean or Curry flavored.
    Grand Prize: An all expense paid weekend for your entire family in Rotherdam, hosted by the Grooming Gang of your choice.

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