Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Until recently, the UK used to maintain a modicum of of of sensibility, when it came to liberalism. There were usually some strong voices (usually conservative voices), that throttled any ridiculous ideas that had leaked into the ether of British progressive consciousness. Now though, it seems as though all is lost. It seems that no idea is ridiculous enough, that it can’t be reasoned into relegation by our politicians. It seems that there is no political party, no State, left in geographical Western Europe, that can curb the wokies.

However, there could be one possible saviour, a new online bastion of defence, to stop the spread of the woke nonsense. I suggest that GB News, can provide a respectable alternative to the Corporate Press narrative, that we’ve been forced insidiously to adopt, since November 14th 1922. So, we must tune in, and we must spread the word, if we want to conserve what now remains of Britain. Balance in times of intolerance, is crucial.


Zhe Zher (@realWokeyLeaks)

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By WokeyLeaks (Zhe Zher)

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