Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

First, here’s the TLDR;

For their NYC Lab shool student assignment of Summer last year, the high-school students had to write their “racial autobiography”.

More detail…

If you had the pleasure of being a student at New York’s Lab (High) School last Summer, you would have been given a “Summer Assignment” to while away your pleasant, warm evenings. Last year, the assignment was for each student to write their “racial autobiography”.

On the recommended reading list, to help you with confessing your sins I guess, were the following jewels of literary wokeness:

Stamped: Racism, Anti-racism and You“, by Ibram Kendi and “Between The World and Me“, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Yes, that’s the same Ibram Kendi who, on Twitter last September, made the following keen observation:

While the reading guide for the assignment contains scores of questions, here’s our candidate for the most egregious of them:

“In what ways is racism woven into the fabric of American institutions? Where do you see evidence of this today?”.

Surely the more appropriate question, the one that would make students think for themselves, would be:

Is racism woven into the fabric of American institutions? If so, where do you see evidence of this today?”

Either way, we’re not sure this was Rob Menken’s vision while founding the NYC Lab shool, all those years ago, but if you are reading this Rob, do please feel free to comment.

If you are not Rob, we’d like to hear your thoughts anyway!

You can download the full assignment here.

Peace and Love always,
Zhe Zher.

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