Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

If you are prepared to put in the hard work, and to give up your blood, sweat and tears, you too can obtain the coveteted gender training certification from the CIHR (Canadian Institute of Health Research). However, you must approach the path of sexpertification with care though; as it will consume your valuable time and force you to struggle with the deepest moral dilemmas that you can possibly imagine.

You see, the gruelling certification process consists of sitting through a 20 minute video and then answering a few simple questions. Don’t believe me? You can gain the accreditation yourself by visiting their site and performing the training

But, here’s the problem:

When it’s this easy to get ‘accreditation’ from a National Institute, is it any wonder that we hear about experts making ridiculous woke claims every second Tuesday? You see, because I now have my new certification, I can quite easily approach any morally bereft ‘journalist’ and give my tuppence worth – but this time it will be from a position of Academic Authority. This has to be one of the simplest mechanisms I have come across for enabling idea laundering.

My only dilemma at this point is choosing which ideology-laden corrupt QUANGO I should now request grant money from.

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Zhe Zher

And here’s my official, convincing, new and shiny Certification:

CIHR Sex_and_Gender_in_Biomedical_Research-Certificate_of_Completion_9830
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